Business Lounges is a Saudi register company, owner of 67|22 Coworking Space trademark, the first licensed coworking space in Saudi Arabia. We create work and living environments and provide necessary services and programs for people to start and grow their businesses and passion.


It all started in 2012, where a group of ambitious entrepreneurs were meeting in cafes around the city, discussing business ideas and future plans. Unfortunately, cafes didn’t provide all what it needed to start and run a business. High speed internet, printing, meeting rooms, etc. All were missing.
So our musketeers went looking for an office to rent, but they were large and expensive, so they thought of bringing more people with them, but wait, isn’t this is a coworking space? Why not opening one! Sounds interesting..
When the time was right, the team gathered again an opened the first licensed coworking space in Saudi Arabia, and perusing their dreams...


To offer better opportunities for people to enhance their quality of life, through enriching their knowledge and experience, and supporting them to be more innovative, productive and giving for their communities.


Our mission is to build the most creative, active and productive environments in the cities we operate in.


  • We think and act Positively, Active, Alive and Happy.
  • We are Responsible, we care about our Society and Planet.
  • We seek Knowledge, we share it and keep Growing..
  • We are Humble and Respectfull, towards ourselves and others.
  • We are Adventurous, we try and Innovate new things.
  • We are Ambitious and Passionate people.
  • We are Determined and Committed, we aim for the STARS and we reach them.

 Live the life you've always dreamed of, find the people who will help you, join us now in one of Riyadh special places, where you can meet, work, study and have fun all in one place..


67|22, the place you've been looking for



Carefully designed spaces with different sizes and uses, private & shared offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, events and gathering spaces, workshops and classrooms, drawing and arts space, and a library

Consulting Services

With a valuable selected experts, we provide consultation services in how to start up, Legal, finance, accounting, HR and other business-related fields.


Meet with like minded people, connect, learn and share know- ledge, and most importantly, have Fun. We do host and support many comm-unities, in business, reading, art, sports, IT and other interests.

Business Services

High speed internet, cloud printing, white board walls, stationaries, housekeeping and more..

Specialized Spaces

Members only and open events and specialized gatherings, to connect with others and

Innovation Programs

Members only and open events and specialized gatherings, to connect with others and